In 2015 NavEstudio Laura Lio began an editorial and publishing project entitled PEZPLATA EDICIONES. This project is now open to all collectors and partners who would like to join in this novel and productive endeavor. 

   PEZPLATA EDICIONES has a long term focus with an initial goal of one artist's book per year. As the project grows it is expected there will be multiple titles produced each year. The project permits individualized attention for each book, giving close consideration to the unique features and printing styles.

   PEZPLATA EDICIONES provides for the combination of several personal passions of Laura Lio, such as presenting poetry in specially chosen print compositions with selections of paper, ink, matrices, bindings, and printing formats that best reflect and amplify the work of the poet. This challenging work is done in collaboration with the artist and enables the fusion of visions for the most satisfying and successful results. 

   The first artist's book published in 2016 was XulSolar/Poesiarquitectura which features writings of the poet Eduardo Scala (Madrid, 1945). The book is a tribute to the Argentine artist Xul Solar (1887-1963). A limited edition of eight books plus two artist's proofs were produced. Copies are available for purchase. If interested please contact Laura Lio. 

   In 2018 a second limited edition book will be published. Creative work is now underway with great anticipation for an outstanding result. If you would like more information regarding this current project please write to NavEstudio Laura Lio.