The studio as an open space

 NavEstudio in Laura Lio’s studio is a place open to artists and colleagues where they are invited to show their most recent creations and artworks.
 There, since its opening in 2011, were concerts by singers and musicians such as Ana Laan, Javier Álvarez, Ashok Thirimurthi, José Escudero and Isabel Corullón.
 As well as this, video artists and performers have shown their work, such as Laura y Sira Cabrera Díaz, Fátima Miranda, Marianela León. Also poetry reading by Noni Benegas, Pedro Tena and Pilar González España with Rudi Wienand. 
 We show different cycles of cinema, for instance, German, Italian, Mexican and so on. The name of the Cinema is Lio in Paradiso, in reference to my name and to the film Cinema Paradiso.